Bradbury backed Rudd

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Member for Lindsay, David Bradbury, has confirmed that he switched camps in last night’s Labor leadership ballot.

In the showdown between Prime Minister, Julia Gillard and back bencher Kevin Rudd, Mr Rudd emerged victorious 57 votes to 45.

Mr Bradbury, who has been a staunch supporter of Ms Gillard, even said last year that he would consider getting a tattoo of the first female Prime Minister.

He said that voting for Mr Rudd was an incredibly difficult decision.

“In the end I am elected to represent my community and what is best for the country,” he said.

“The fact that we have been so uncompetitive in the polls means the Coalition has avoided any real scrutiny.

“We face the prospect of handing government to Tony Abbott which is very dangerous for the public.”

Mr Bradbury said that whilst Ms Gillard was the right choice to lead Australia through a difficult position of minority government, Mr Rudd will help the party rebuild its standing in the polls.

“It will make us more competitive but I still expect it is going to be a monumental challenge,” he said.

He said that Mr Rudd has the support of many Lindsay constituents.

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