Emergency briefing over unit proposal

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Residents and Councillors have expressed concern about a proposal to build a multi-storey development in Glenmore Park.

Stockland Development is looking to build 63 units and an associated car park on the corner of Bradley Street and Glengarry Drive in Glenmore Park, which concerned residents say is not in keeping with the area’s character.

“I live within this area and I was led to believe that this area of Glenmore Ridge and Mulgoa Rise were to be a new exclusive area of the Penrith area with land prices showing how expensive this area is,” said local, Suzanne Walker.

“To put units right at the entrance of this ‘exclusive area’ I feel will make this area deteriorate at an alarming rate, and this area will turn into another St Marys or Mt Druitt.”

She also expressed concerns about the flow of traffic, given that Glenmore Park already suffers from peak-hour traffic jams.

“Where are all these cars going to travel? On that one road (Bradley Street) out onto Northern Road, causing such a chaos of traffic. It will be unbearable,” she said.

At Council’s ordinary meeting on Monday night, Councillor Bernard Bratusa called for an emergency briefing for Councillors on the issue and a public meeting to hear form both residents and the developers.

Councillor Prue Car has also expressed concern about the development.

“I have met with residents on the site and there are obvious traffic and safety issues, with the prospect of multi-storey concrete towers also creating a visual eye sore,” Cr Bratusa said.

“Glenmore Park continues to be an important growth area for Penrith, and Council must be mindful that residents have invested both their hard earned dollars and futures based on a lifestyle choice.

“We must protect their interests.”

Penrith Council is accepting submissions on the development application until June 13.

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