Airport issue raised as Hockey visits Penrith

Joe Hockey on a recent visit to Penrith
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Federal Shadow Treasurer, Joe Hockey, has indicated he is personally supportive of an airport at Badgerys Creek during a visit to Penrith this morning.

When asked about the Coalition’s stance on the issue, Mr Hockey said that the Coalition has no plans for Badgerys Creek airport.

“Sydney needs a second airport, there is no argument. Airports deliver jobs. Where it’s located is a matter for government,” he said.

However, when asked by the Weekender if it is the case that he is personally in favour of an airport at Badgerys Creek as alluded to by previous media coverage of the issue, Mr Hockey responded with: “Now I am not going to apologise, nor am I going to lie about the position I have held for 18 years. I’m not going to pretend otherwise because I want jobs”.

“I am personally in favour of jobs, infrastructure, personally in favour of investment, I’m personally in favour of opportunity for western Sydney or northern Sydney or wherever it may be,” he said.

Liberal Candidate for Lindsay, Fiona Scott, is previously on the public record as saying that she will not support an airport at Badgerys Creek.

Assistant Treasurer and MP for Lindsay, David Bradbury, was highly critical of Mr Hockey’s comments.

“Joe Hockey is one of the most senior members of Tony Abbott’s team and he is determined to dump an airport in our community,” he said.

“Fiona Scott could do no better than stand silently next to Mr Hockey as he outlined his plans to damage our local environment and our quality of life.

“It is now clear that a vote for the Liberal Party in September will be a vote for an airport at Badgerys Creek.”

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