Plea to parents over smoking

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Family friendly no-smoking signs have been installed at 21 local schools to discourage smoking on and outside school premises.

The initiative was taken by Penrith City Council after complaints by parents who were concerned that children leaving school of an afternoon were breathing in smoke passively from parents having a cigarette near school entrances.

“I think that school communities will benefit greatly from these signs as a gentle reminder not to smoke around children,” explained Penrith Mayor, Mark Davies.

“When you look at the signs you can see they are family oriented and families are the ones using these areas the most.

“The State Government has earmarked some areas where smoking near school grounds is an issue however there was a very positive response from a number of school headmasters where there is not an overt problem but the signs were embraced to raise awareness.”

Rachel Brett, a teacher and mum of two young children, Adelle and Samuel, said that the signs are absolutely wonderful.

“The kids’ Pop sometimes collects them from school of an afternoon and has spoken to me before about having to walk through the smoke,” she said.

“This is a great way to educate parents and students.” And from a teacher’s perspective too, the signs complement drug education programs.

“Here were have a drug education program where the kids learn about the dangers of smoking and taking drugs. It will be great to actually take a class to the school gates and show them the signs even so that they get a better understanding,” Ms Brett said.

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