GG launches Kidsafe Day

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Five children die each week in Australia due to preventable accidents, a sad statistic that made the launch of 2012 National Kidsafe Day all the more important.

Kidsafe NSW, the Child Accident Prevention Foundation, is dedicated to the reduction and prevention of unintentional death and injury to children and the launch of National Kidsafe Day aimed to promote child safety around the home, in the car and in the community.

National Kidsafe Day was launched at Glenmore Park Child and Family Centre on Tuesday, in the Presence of Governor-General of Australia, Quentin Bryce, as well as many of Penrith’s own dignitaries.

“It is vitally important for us to take notice of what [Kidsafe] brings to our attention today, as we focus on children,” Ms Bryce said.

“The message is that unintentional injuries are predictable and preventable in most cases and that preventing childhood injuries isn’t about wrapping children in cotton wool, it is about supervision, creating and maintaining safer environments, environments designed with expertise, excellence and understanding of children’s needs.”

Those who attended were amongst the first people to hear The Wiggles’ new song, ‘Beep Beep Buckle Up’, which was created for Kidsafe Australia and an appearance by ‘Wags the Dog’ kept the Children at the centre entertained.

Kidsafe raises awareness of safety issues, identifies risk factors and causes of unintentional child injury, advocates for changes to standards and regulations, provides information to organisations and highlights the dangers of unsafe products and practices.

Ms Bryce spoke on the child safety issues that are brought to the attention of families and childcare professionals through the work of Kidsafe.

“They’re issues that are big challenges for families, for childcare, for every part of our society where children are being cared for and nurtured,” she said.

“The Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia has made significant contributions to our nation’s children in so many ways; in research, advocacy, education, environmental, legislative and behaviour change.”

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