Thain slams Liberals

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Labor Councillor John Thain says the Liberal Party’s decision to not endorse candidates for the September Local Government Elections is a “slap in the face” to the community.

Responding to revelations in the Weekender in recent weeks that Liberal Party members would be forced to run as independents, Cr Thain said the Liberals had “deserted the people of Penrith”.

“The Liberal Party’s decision not to endorse candidates in the September 8 poll is an insult to the community,” he said.

“While a number of independents might claim to be Liberals, the truth is plain – the Liberals have turned their back on Penrith.

“With different Liberals running against each other, their behaviour looks more like something out of a bad reality show than the running of our City.”

Labor is trying to capitalise on the drama within the Liberal Party while trying to re-build its own credibility.

The Weekender understands there are genuine fears within the Labor Party that the poor result at the last State Election and the ongoing issues at a Federal level will have an impact on the Council elections.

Last week, the Weekender exclusively revealed that Liberal Party members had formed a powerful independent ticket in an attempt to show unified support for Penrith and its future. But Cr Thain isn’t buying it.

“The Liberal Party are more interested in fighting each other than fighting for our community,” he said.

“The people of Penrith deserve better – a Council that works together, not fights among itself.”

Long-time Liberal Councillor Ross Fowler, who will be forced to run as an independent in September, told the Weekender last week that the needs of the local region would be put ahead of party politics.

“Our team is committed to maintaining honesty and integrity in local government, minimising waste and achieving greater accountability for the local community,” he said.

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