Look out, bad guys

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I got to the cinema this week and saw a real blockbuster style movie with all the special effects and explosions.

It’s never the same watching a movie like that at home.
You can probably guess the plot, the super heroes are just, noble and will fight to save the lives of all people.

The bad guys are out to win at all costs and are driven by greed for domination and money and don’t really care how many people die while they try to get it.

It always ends with a big fight and you walk out of the movie happy when the good side triumphs and everyone is saved and lives happily ever after. It’s a good feeling knowing that there isn’t really those kind of super villains who would actually choose making profit over risking the suffering, or even death, to real people.
So I walked out past the happy kids staring at the giant cut out of one of the stars from the movie with a huge cup of cola in his hand pointing heroically over to the snack bar. Kept walking past the playground with the happy clown inside waving all the boys and girls to come and buy some tasty hamburgers.

Down the stairs out past the sign on a bus shelter saying we really need our cigarettes to have colourful packages or we’re taking away people’s fundamental rights.

On past the supermarket with the huge posters of muscular sportsmen letting us know how great their chocolate sugar crunch is for breakfast.

I stopped to look at the big display of the same heroes I just watched in their very own game for my console – I could get online and replay the big, end fight every day! And as I got to the car I saw the poster that let me know that the best option if my back got sore – maybe from sitting and watching pay TV too much – was a tablet that covered the pain.
I was very happy to know that there are no real bad guys who would ever put a profit over my family’s quality of life.

I Googled what kills the most people in the whole world just to find out. It said something about obesity and non-communicable disease.

But bad guys don’t have anything to do with that stuff. If they did Captain America and the Hulk would come and stop them.

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