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Everybody is pretty familiar with some version of the ‘garbage in, garbage out’ cliché.

Imagine you were building your dream house. Try and picture what it would look like, maybe a huge fresh living area or the fantastic kitchen with everything shiny and new, big clean benches and cupboards.

Now try to imagine building that kitchen. You ring up a kitchen maker and tell them what you like and they say something like this “sounds great, we have an old kitchen we just pulled out of a 30-year-old housing commission house because it was getting shabby.

We can use it in your new house and we’ll just pull some extra bits off other old cupboards out the back and make it all fit. It will save you hundreds on the price of a new one”.

I’m guessing you might not be too happy with that plan. How good will this kitchen possibly end up looking when they’re starting with an old junky one like that? Imagine a similar situation inside your body as your ‘internal builders’ are constantly remodelling. Imagine your working on some lovely extensions to your liver!

Replacing some old battered and struggling areas that have been working for years, pulling the sludge out of your blood and getting rid of it. The little builders are there ready to make the parts and they hear some orange juice is on the way, ready to grab the vitamins and enzymes and nutrients to help building with, then ‘slop’ it drops on the ground like a shovel full of mud. This juice was actually from concentrate.

Two years ago it was picked off a tree then crushed, heat treated, chemically preserved, super dehydrated until it was a powder and put on a factory shelf until it got shipped into Australia, dropped into a trough of tap water, got more preservatives, some colours and perfumes added to make it look something like orange juice again.

Your little builders have now got to waste time and some of the nutrients they were saving to build with, just to dilute and remove this useless slop. They need some fresh, real food to finish the liver soon, because it is already not functioning as it should and starting to let toxins through.

Well, I’m going to leave this ending up to you, the reader, because you’re going to finish this story, right after your next meal!

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