Seniors the answer for golf club

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Penrith Golf Club is just months away from submitting a development application to Penrith City Council to redevelop part of its land in a bid to solve its financial problems.

The club plans to sell off a section of its 58ha Northern Road site to make way for a residential development for seniors.

Plans for development were originally flagged with the Council in December 2009 when councillors endorsed recommendations that the site be declared suitable for development.

Penrith Golf Club president, Greg Taylor, said the plans were going ahead.

The club posted a loss of $82,000 last financial year, but it is understood the development is needed to pay off a million dollar debt incurred when building the clubhouse back in 1997.

Treasurer Stephen Critchley, in his report to the club, said the future would be “very bleak” without the development.

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