Blow to households, says candidate

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The announcement by IPART to increase electricity prices by 10.3% from July 1 is a major blow to households and businesses in Lindsay, said Fiona Scott, Liberal candidate for Lindsay.

Local households will pay on average an extra $182 a year in electricity prices and local small businesses will pay an extra $237 a year.

“The carbon tax is the major component of this 10.3% electricity price increase.  The carbon tax component represents a 9.5% increase in electricity costs,” said Ms Scott.

“This is one of the biggest electricity shocks ever and it makes a mockery of claims by Julia Gillard and David Bradbury that the carbon tax will only increase prices by 0.7%. 

“The carbon tax is based on a lie – and from 1 July we will all be paying for it.

“We will all remember Julia Gillard’s lie ‘there will be no carbon tax under the government I lead’ the next time we pay our electricity bills.

“The average household will pay an extra $3.50 per week directly in their electricity bill – and much more indirectly as others pass on the cost of the carbon tax.

“This is a big hit on households and my concern is that it is only the first wave of price increases that will flow from the carbon tax.

“Households will pay again as councils, schools, cafes, butchers, bakers, restaurants, dry cleaners and supermarkets all pass on their own price increases.

“These prices will go up and up as the carbon tax goes up and up.

Ms Scott said July 1 will mark the start of tougher times for household budgets with increased electricity prices, carbon tax price increases and increases in the cost of private health insurance due to the Gillard Government’s changes to the private health insurance rebate.

“I repeat Tony Abbott’s pledge – we will seek a mandate at the next election to rescind the carbon tax.  Rescinding the carbon tax will be the first order of business for a Coalition Government,” she said.

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