Toy Library is a winner

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Penrith City Library now runs a toy library!  The toy library has a catalogue of over 1000 new and exciting toys for kids to borrow and play with.


The library also provide support services and advice to parents about their kids and this is great for kids like Charlotte McKay who suffer from Cerebral Palsy before later being re-diagnosed with Rett Syndrome at the tender age of three.


“Not all toys are suitable for Charlotte as she doesn’t have the muscular strength or fine motor skills to be able to manipulate them or hold them,” says Charlotte’s mum, Tobi.


“That’s why the toy library has been such a valuable resource for us, as there are a range of toys for Charlotte to borrow including switch-adapted toys which she can use to make the toy light up or play sounds or move.”


These services are provided to the public who need them by enthusiastic, compassionate and dedicated staff such as Michelle Pearman who also makes house calls to many of the families.


As a qualified Early Childhood Teacher, she advises families about the benefits and suitability of the library’s toy collection and help parents to better understand the services that her and her team provides at the library.


Charlotte’s mum Tobi has had Michelle visit and had this to say: “Having Michelle visit us is great. She gets to see Charlotte in her own environment and having the chance to try so many toys keeps down the cost of buying a whole bunch of toys that Charlotte may or may not like,” Tobi said.


All children are encouraged to come to the toy library as most of the toys are suitable for all children.


Volunteers are always wanted and welcomed by Michelle and her team.


If you would like to help and make a child’s life and her family easier contact Michelle through on her mobile 0418 664 879 or on her email [email protected]

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