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A leader who loses contact with their team or group will fail. Many supervisors fail not because of limitations on their own general ability, but, on their inability to delegate, listen, plan, motivate, discipline, and inspire.


There are several strategies that I recommend, which help show successful leadership:

Self esteem: When you make someone feel important, you gain their willingness to work for you.

Eliminate your energy drains: What are you putting up with? Constant interruptions? Perfectionism? Negativity – yours or others? Make a list of everything you are tolerating and eliminate them one by one.

Establish your best practices and live them: Become the brand you want others to see.

Planning: Through planning, we decide a course of action to achieve goals and accomplish objectives.

Motivating: People at all levels must feel they are needed. You cannot motivate a person if they do not feel essential to the process. Communication and enthusiasm are the keys.

Disciplining: The better you know an individual, the better job you can do of disciplining him. With some people, you need to be firm, or even demanding. Others, just a hint of a suggestion for change is all that is necessary. Discuss the situation, talk to the individual in private and get commitment from them to do better.

Delegating: A skill that really requires disciplining yourself that will, in turn, allow you to supervise better. A successful leader gets things done through others.

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