Boost for those in need

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St Marys based employment agency, PVS Workfind has recievced $180,000 in Federal Government funding to support the placement of 80 disadvantaged workers in traineeships and cadetships over the next 12 months.


Minister for Employment Participation, Kate Ellis, and MP for Lindsay, David Bradbury, visited PVS Workfind on Wednesday to make the funding announcement that is part of the Job Services Australia pilot programme.


“In this time when Australia has a relatively low unemployment level, we do not want to see some Australians slipping through the cracks,” Ms Ellis said.


“Some 80 jobseekers will be assisted through the Job Services Australia pilot programme and these people are going to be able to contribute to the community,” she said.


The Job Services Australia pilot programme is designed to enhance employment service provision to job seekers with multiple disadvantages, including those with a lack of recent work experience, mental health issues, drug and alcohol dependency and homelessness.


“I look forward to working closely with PVS Workfind and taking what they learn form this pilot to Canberra so that the whole country can benefit from their expertise and experience,” Mr Bradbury added.


PVS Workfind will partner with Australian Business Limited, a local apprenticeship centre, to create new job opportunities.


“This funding will enable us to employ additional staff to support the unemployed and match their skills to gaps in the local market, whether that be from retail to manufacturing,” said PVS Workfind CEO, Therese Mulherin.

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