'Bin Bloke' here to help

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Plenty has been said about Penrith City Council’s three-bin system.


Social media debates have been had, awards won and plans altered, but now a fun campaign with a serious side is helping those who still haven’t quite adjusted to the concept.


The ‘Green Bin Bloke’ has been popping up around Penrith as part of the campaign to ensure the green organics bin is used correctly by local residents.


The green bin, for organic waste, is hugely important for our city as its contents, after collection, are processed into compost and used on our local playing fields and ovals.


Penrith City Council is concerned about contamination of the green bins and wants to improve the quality of the compost.


“Contamination of the bins is a huge issue. Only six out of every 10 households across our city are getting it right,” said Penrith Mayor, Greg Davies.


“The Green Bin Bloke will help educate residents about our waste system, help them to understand what can go in their bins and encourage them to learn more about their waste.”


Locals will see the ‘Green Bin Bloke’ travelling around Penrith on a motor scooter, inspecting the contents of residents’ green bins and providing them with information and feedback .


Coupled with an extensive advertising campaign that also provides tips and advice, it is hoped that the ‘Green Bin Bloke’ will help rid Penrith of its poor habits when it comes to the organics bin.


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