Teen girls attack police and security guard


Two police officers and a security guard have been assaulted by teenagers after an attempted theft at Westfield Penrith on Monday afternoon.

At around 3.45pm, a staff member at the clothing store Glue witnessed a young female, who was a part of a group, appear to steal a jacket.

A security guard approached the group and removed the jacket from the girl.

As a result, another 15-year-old female from Lethbridge Park then struck the security guard to the face.

Other members of the group tried to prevent the security guard from having access to the shoplifting female.

The guard managed to remove the shoplifting female from the centre, and in the process noticed a Penrith detective car driving by, flagging them down for assistance.

Security then identified the group of youths to the two detectives.

When approached by the detectives, a police spokesperson said the 15-year-old female from Lethbridge Park “kicked out and struck a detective in the face”.

“A 14-year-old from Marayong has intervened, preventing police from attempting an arrest,” the spokesperson said.

“All six began yelling and screaming.”

A 14-year-old female from St Marys was approached by the second detective with the security guard.

She then also struck the second detective and kicked the security guard.

Further police were called and arrived on scene.

As a result, three youths were arrested and taken to Penrith Police Station.

All three were charged with ‘Affray’, the 14-year-old from St Marys was also charged with ‘Assault Police’ and the 15-year-old from Lethbridge Park was also charged with ‘Assault’ and ‘Assault Police’.

They are set to appear in Parramatta Children’s Court on Thursday, July 7.

  • Heather Barbara Savage

    They lash out because they know that they are immune from the force of law. Time to start giving real sentences for these real crimes.

    • Mary Jane Tautahi

      That’s a croc of shit,these girls are just a bunch of brats and the law pentalizes them enough,Kids these days get picked on all the time by the law,so this bunch deserves punishment for all that disrespect…but don’t punish all our kids for a few stupid idiots!!!