A life at the top, but Vincent Graham has always remained a humble


Penrith’s Vincent Graham has been honoured with a Member of the Order of Australia, limited to recipients 340 per annum, for his significant contribution to the rail and electricity sectors.

He spoke to the Weekender all the way from Canada where he is currently visiting about the pride he feels in receiving the honour and reflections on his career.

“Railways have always been in my blood,” Mr Graham said.

“My father was an electric train driver in Sydney for 30 something years, so it was a great privilege to be Chief Executive Officer.”

Mr Graham held the Chief Executive Officer position for numerous companies including Rail Corp NSW, Endeavour Energy Australia and Networks NSW.

While each position has been challenging, he credits his success to the people he worked alongside.

“The calibre of people employed in the public sector over the last 47 years, it’s just been so great to work with so many great people,” he said.

Born and raised in Penrith, Mr Graham raised his family here and views the award as a family achievement.

“It’s a personal award, but I think for me it’s more a family award because you work hard, you do your best, but ultimately your family is along for the ride – for the good times, the tough times, everything in these challenging roles,” he said.

Despite the pressure of holding high positions where he has been responsible for tens of thousands of employees while going through constant reforms, Mr Graham would do it all again “in a heart-beat”.

“It’s such a privilege to be able to serve the people of NSW, and in spite of the challenging times, you look back and it’s certainly been rewarding,” he said.

  • Morris Chen

    You kidding me? Vince Graham is every bit a corporate wrecking ball and tightarse and petty bureaucrat as you can get. Attacks his own Networks NSW workers over uncompetitive union endorsed workplace agreements – some if not most conditions are present in privately owned utilities round around the country. Lets not forget his mantra about the 26% super – that was the hallmarks of the old defined benefits system that was abolished in 1993 and replaced with the bread and butter accumulation scheme.The former scheme is something the older employees would be on and if anything not many are not around owing to retirement or via the aggressive redundancy policies that Vince helped master to flush out the place dry at Ausgrid. At least not paint everyone with the same f**ken brush with such statements! Lets not forget when Vince tried catch the unions off guard and introduce forced redundancy in late 2015 at all costs in spite of the existing EBA at the time not allowing it – FWC promptly gave him a serving and a half!
    What also amuses me is Vince’s priority for “financial discipline” over “technical (capability)” in an inherently dangerous industry where you cannot cut corners if it means a compromise in safety and network reliability – he tried that at Integral/Endeavour and had the place running on a shoestring for sometime and tried the same at Ausgrid but didn’t get around to running the joint into the ground.
    So TL:DR I would urinate on the bit of paper that has tightarse Vince Graham’s OAM because he is far from a worthy recipient of such an award!